Mercedes SLK-Class R170 Tailor Made Car Seat Covers - Normal Seats - Leatherette

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Mercedes SLK-Class R170 Normal Seats   Your  Mercedes R170  ... more
Product information "Mercedes SLK-Class R170 Tailor Made Car Seat Covers - Normal Seats - Leatherette"

Mercedes SLK-Class R170 Normal Seats 

Your Mercedes R170 needs an upgrade or a refurbishment? There are some unattractive spots which you want to spirit off? The seats have a good look but you want more? No matter what your reasons are. Our seat covers help against all these problems. 

With the high-fashioned look of our seat covers we make your R170 shine like new and better than ever before. You have the choice between different designs that are made with high-quality imitation leather. 

Additionally, we use the OEM-Design to make your car more unique than ever before. These methods make it possible to imitate the original seam design of the original R170 Mercedes seats. The seat covers have a perfect match to the rest of the interior.  

You are afraid about annoying air buffers or that the seat covers will slip out of position? Thanks to the long-time experience of the manufacturer we can ensure the perfect fit of the seat covers, you have nothing to worry about. 

To make it easier for you, the seat covers can be installed by yourself at home without long handling times. We deliver you an instruction DVD combined with the seat covers, 

Other benefits for you: 

  • 3 Years Warranty 

  • Best Price Guarantee 

  • Cost-effective alternative to a complete upholstery 

  • OEM Design for a perfect fitting

Compatible for Vehicle with and without Side Airbags. All details will be inquired by our experts.

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SeatCovers24 powered by Seat-Styler offers only high quality faux leather car seat covers with... more

SeatCovers24 powered by Seat-Styler offers only high quality faux leather car seat covers with elegant real leather look. Our entire seat covers are tailor made only by our trusted manufacturer, a group of upholsterer with years of experience in car seat covers

  • Durable 3-layers technology: anti-rip net, 1cm thick breathable foam layers and imitation leather layer
  • Vehicle-specific with original designs and seams  preserving your seats original look due to the OEM-Design
  • Guaranteed perfect fit like a second skin and anti-slip for maximal comfort
  • Special pockets for side airbags to ensure deployment without hindrance
  • Headrest covers are also included
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance; simply wipe clean with wet cloth or our recommended leather car care products.

Additional Benefits

Our almost perfect products are accompanied with a lot of additional benefits which make it wholly perfect! With every purchase, you will not only get the products, but also:

  • 3-years manufacturer’s warranty
  • The possibility to re-order a certain specific part when it is damaged
  • Easy installation steps depicted in the installation manual and video dvd
  • And, our customer support team will be happy to assist you for any problem you might face during installation

 Our References

If you are still wondering, 'Why should you trust your interior refinement to us?', here are our answers:

  • Our products brand has been around and well known for years
  • We give the best deal in interior refinement in comparison to a complete upholstery make-over in workshops
  • Featured in 'RTL 2: Grip-das Motormagazin' (German automative magazine) and 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' (largest German subscription daily newspaper)
  • Made in Germany with authenticated German-Quality.

General facts The installation of our custom car seat covers can be carried out... more

General facts

The installation of our custom car seat covers can be carried out personally or through car workshop. Our products are made specifically for uncomplicated installation; simple pull over the original seats and tie the seat covers up, but a sufficient amount of installation time will be required for an optimal result.

In the package you will receive:

  • Car seat covers for your selected car model
  • Instruction manual
  • Installation DVD. 

Do-It-Yourself Installation

The installation can be done by personally at home with some basic home tools such as small knife and screwdriver. To ensure that you get the most optimal result from the installation, it is recommended to do the car seat covers installation with two people and a sufficient installation time of around 4 hours.

The reason for this amount of installation effort is due to the fact that our car seat covers are custom and tailored made according to each car models and it is not a universal seat covers that can be quickly whipped and cover the surface of the car seats. Nearly all of our customers managed to install the car seat covers by themselves.

For any questions or problems during fitting process, feel free to contact us anytime.

Installation through workshop service

In case that you decided not to install your seat covers by yourself due to the lack of time or other problems, you can always leave the fitting to any local car or upholstery workshop.

Please notify the workshop that these are custom-fitted seat covers to avoid miscommunication or laborious removal of the original cover of the seats since it is unnecessary.

The original seats will stay beneath the seat covers. Additional cost for installing may be incurred.

Upon request and depending on available capacity, we also offer the installation service in Berlin with additional cost.


Here you can see an installation video of a german customer for a BMW Series 1 e87.


FAQ's You want to know more about our products? Here, you find the most frequently... more


You want to know more about our products?

Here, you find the most frequently questions our customers asked. You also have the possibility to contact us directly, if you weren’t able to find the right answer to your question yet.

Why SeatCovers24?

SeatCovers24 is powered by Seat-Styler who is not only ensuring the best price for excellent quality, but also provides expert customer service. You can reach us any time if you got any questions or to clear up any uncertainties. We are looking forward to help you!

Why shouldn’t I buy normal and cheaper universal seat covers?

Seat covers from SeatCovers24 have an obvious higher quality compared to the universal seat covers. It is due to the OEM-technology which follows the original seams and measurement of the original seats, making it 100% tight fit like a second skin. From the appearance, the seat covers will be undistinguishable from normal expensive seat upholstery. This is the best alternative solution for your car interior refinement and value appreciation without the need to pay expensively.

 How durable are our seat covers?

The seat covers are only made of high quality material, which has been tested for its durability. It can handle any possible hazard that might damage your original car seat covers, such as dust, ultraviolet sunray, spilled drinks or pet’s hair. Our seat covers will withstand all of these hazards, protecting your original seats, and allow you to easily clean it with simple wipe. We also offer you 3 years of guarantee to take away your worry and doubt about the high quality of our car seat covers.

How long is the production time?

Your new seat covers will be manufactured by our trusted manufacturer, ZACASi, in respect to your vehicle’s specifications and the design you chose. That means, when you receive your car seat covers, it will be the detailed custom made production solely for your car, which explains the production time of about 3 weeks (not included shipping duration) till we receive the product you wished. We ensure the accuracy of the seat covers and your satisfaction.

We receive high demands of seat covers for some car models, so we usually have these models in the most popular designs in stock. They are available to be shipped out immediately, with a delivery time of just 2-4 days. Contact us to find out if we have the seat covers for your car models in stock. We will inform you about possible delays during the inquiry process.

Will the seat heater keep its functionality?

If your car is equipped with seat heater, and you’re wondering whether you can still continue using it with our seat covers, you don’t need to worry. Our seat covers are heat-permeable and breathable. The heating process might take a few seconds longer, but it will not hinder the overall function of your seat heater nor damage the car seat covers, because our products are heat resistance.

If you have retrofitted seat heater cushion in your car, we suggest you to contact the producer.

Are these seat covers airbag compatible?

Our Zacasi covers are made with special stitches, so the side-airbags will function without any problems. The seats are especially made to keep all the functionalities of the seat.

 How does the installation work?

Our seat covers are slip over seat covers. This means you do not need to remove your seats to install the seats. Simply slip over the seat covers onto your current seats, pull a little bit for a tighter fit and secure the strap with the build-in hooks.

In some cases, for a more optimal result, you will have to remove the seats for an easier installation. Please state us if the headrests are removable or cabled, thus we can make adjustment for your perfect car seat covers.

 Can I install the seat covers by myself?

The covers are not too complicated to install depending on your car model. Almost all our customers installed the seat covers themselves and are satisfied with the result. To ensure that you get an optimal result, we recommend for the installation to be done by 2 persons. Please note that the installation might take some time.

Do we install the seat covers as well?

Unfortunately, we do not offer installation service at the moment. We only distribute the seat covers and deliver them to you with a DVD and an instruction.

But, we have installation partners in Berlin, Wesel, Frankfurt, Gera, Windhagen, Hannover, Rostock, Wümme and in the Steiermark in Austria. Just contact us for more information about our installation partners or if you face any problems during installing your car seat covers.

How to order?

You want to order? That’s no problem at all. The next tab will show you the ordering process or you can reach us quickly under +49 30 45098396.